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Print/Digital Project Request

The Office of Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management provides high-quality design and supervision of printing for a wide range of campus clients. The department’s overall mission is to protect, promote, and enhance the image of the college to various stakeholders, including current and prospective students, donors, faculty and staff, and others through excellent print and digital materials.

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We work to satisfy all reasonable time frames for our campus clients, and our efforts are prioritized through the following considerations:

  • alignment with TCNJ strategic priorities
  • target audience
  • objectives/call to action of the materials
  • time frame

How do I get started?

The very first step in starting your project is to have a finalized manuscript (editorial copy) in Microsoft Word that has been proofread and approved by all stakeholders in your area. Work will not begin on your project without finalized manuscript submission.

Before submitting a project request, you will also need to know your budget information and project deadline.

Project Request Form

How much does it cost?

In-house design and consultation services will be free of charge to the campus community provided that projects follow the production plan established at the time of job initiation. Projects that deviate from the production plan will incur a cost of $100 for each additional proof above the project plan and have their delivery schedules renegotiated. Your area will be responsible for contracted costs such as printing, mailing, and freelance design services, which you will approve in advance.

Do I have to have my own photos and/or artwork?

No. If you do not have photos and artwork needed for your project, we will help you identify, contract, or purchase what you need.

What resources are available as I prepare my materials?

Visit to access TCNJ’s Graphic Standards and Editorial Style guides.

What do I do if I don’t really know what I need or don’t have any materials ready?

Email to briefly describe what you have in mind. We will put you in touch with the right member of the team and get you the help that you need.